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Maharajah of the road

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The Movie

The Movie

M.R. Documentary DVD Trailer

From Mumbai to Jodphur at the wheel of a Mustang, "Maharajah of the Road" is a road trip across the Indian continent in the company of muscle car enthusiasts from around the world.

The ten priceless classic vintage Mustangs and Shelbys that make up the "Maharajah of the Road" team encounter all the colour of India, from rat temples to ancient palaces, they retrace the steps of the Maharajahs of days gone by.

Enroute the drivers, each car specialists in their own field, confront the difficulties of taking 40 year old vintage cars across mountains, deserts and through the chaotic streets of Indian cities. The Maharajah Of The Road adventure is a dedication to a passion for the great American Muscle cars of the 60's and 70's, a passion that knows no international barriers, and that unites citizens of all creeds and colour around the simple desire for adventure that these cars inspire.

"Maharajah of the Road" is a travelog auto-enthusiast hybrid that brings to mind Madmax and Indiana Jones.

  • M.R. Documentary DVD Trailer  M.R. Documentary DVD Trailer

" Maharajah of the Road "
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Sound recording of the V8 Big Block & Small Block

Specially organized for the upcoming release of the M.R. Documentary, the sound recording of the Mustang Bullitt '68, GT500 '70 and Mustang convertible '66 took place in France near Paris. At this occasion, a professional sound team dedicated their journey on a race track to capture with their High tech and professional movie equipment: engines, interiors, exhausts and all musicality coming out from these mythic Muscle cars. Sounds will be used to enhanced the soundtrack recorded in India during this unique road trip.

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