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There are times in everyone’s life that personal yardsticks are moved. Getting married, having children; these are a couple of life-changing experiences. For a group of automotive enthusiasts, driving 2,000 kilometers across India in vintage Ford Mustangs and Shelby Mustangs changed the way they looked at the world around them. From coping with the challenging Indian roads and drivers to enjoying some of the most sumptuous surroundings in the world, this group learned to set aside preconceived notions and absorb the astonishing sights, sounds, smells and people on India.

The group started its trek on a film set in Bollywood, complete with dancers, elephants and music. From there, they wound their way through historic Mumbai, awash in vibrant life. Surat was their destination, followed by the palace at Dungarpur. Sitting on a quiet lake, it was a relaxing respite from the road. But soon the convoy was heading to Udaipur, to enjoy the huge palace and view the impressive automobile collection.

The village of Narlai was next, with a reception in a 900-year old step well and a wonderful display of native dancing. A visit to the nearby Kumbalgarh Fort revealed the second longest wall in the world, as well as a bridal room where sounds echo for 15 seconds. Many of the tour climbed Narlai’s Elephant Hill, gazing in wonder at the vast landscape. This was followed by a drive to another new experience; sleeping in spectacular tents in the desert. Then the seasoned machinery headed to historic Jaisalmer, where the intricate carvings took everyone’s breath away.

After a scenic drive through northwestern India, everyone enjoyed the lavish tents at Manvar Resort, complete with a welcoming ceremony using camels. A sunrise tour of the Thar Desert showed the travelers many native animals and the quiet beauty of the dunes. After this treat, everyone headed to Gajner Palace, where genteel accommodations and superb food awaited.

The next day, the group stopped in famous Dechnoke to visit the Rat Temple, where the creatures are revered as temporary vessels for human souls. Then it was onto Khimsar Palace, with its impressive collection of vehicles and centuries-old structures, where a feast was laid out. From there, the tour neared its conclusion in Jodhpur, at the fabulous Umaid Bawan Palace. From shopping in the city to relaxing poolside, the caravan of travelers enjoyed all that Jodhpur had to offer. On the final night of the tour, a fireworks display entertained everyone from the Maharajah to the drivers of the historic cars. It was a fitting conclusion to a once-in-a-lifetime event. And you will be able to enjoy the sights in the upcoming book about the journey on “The Maharajah of the Road”.

David Newhardt

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