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Maharajah of the road

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The road trip

"Maharajah of the Road" 1st Edition

A Dream Trip Across India

Some kilometers from Bombay, the Indian megalopolis, lost on a hill of Bollywood, is the grandiose set of a vast temple with a magical touch, reminiscent at the same time of an Indian shrine and an ancient Inca temple.

Inside, Ten Ford Mustangs are waiting.
Ten Ford Mustang with an incredible pedigree: Bullitt GT390, Shelby GT500, Shelby GT500 KR 1968...

Waiting for what?
No time to wonder, a troop of colourfully dressed dancers descends the staircase dancing to the beat of frenzied music… Two young beautiful Indian women, looking like princesses, make their way through the dancing troop to introduce the people who will discover the Rajasthan in this incredible expedition.

The deep sound of a gong resounds, the doors of the templeopen launching the first edition of the "Maharajah of the Road".

At the wheel of the ten Ford Mustang, passionate people coming from all over the world: Indian, French, American, Italian, Lebanese... they are business men, automobile designers, manufacturers, artists…

From Mumbai to Jodhpur, a 2.000 kilometres tour will lead our Mustangs through India. From the Rats Temple in Deshnoke city to the thousand-and-one palaces, the two princesses will show the Rajasthan to the adventurers of the road in an eventful trip...

Photos by Patrick Aventurier

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