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Maharajah of the road

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What is it ?

From the Mustang 1967 Stock, and, on the demand of BA , Camilo Pardo and Kyle Evans, both renowned artists and designers of great repute, created during the «Maharajah of the Road», an original work of art.
With no consistent art supplies, or a regulated studio space to work out of, they literally made from the car, as they drove down the roads, a truly product of the M.R. In many ways, "Dhanno" is a physical representation of the experience. She is a personification of the transformation that Role Players and people involved in the expérience felt during the trip.

The Origin

The name of the car "Dhanno", was given in Memory of a famous horse cart drawn by Hema Malini (a bollywood actress) in the legendary Indian Bollywood Biopic - Sholay.
The body graphic is like a subway map, a melee of large graphical dots, straight and angular lines. All the names of the places explored everyday are present on the car body, and evokes a special memory. The car's monicker: "Dhanno" adorns one side, and a soft Swastika (an Indian symbol of good luck) graphic in orange, adorns the other.


On the last day in Jodhpur, "Dhanno" where presented to the Gala Dinner at the palace, Abhimanyu Rathore made the impossible achievable. By pulling some strings, he managed to bring the car up to the buffet area (the lawn area being off limits for automobiles) where she awaited the arrival of the Maharajah of Jodhpur. As a great honor, the Maharajah signed "Dhanno", royal reward for the nights Camilo and Kyle spent working late on the roads to create this piece of art.

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