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Maharajah of the road

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What's M.R. ?

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“When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it.”
Steve Mc Queen

“I believe the prime reason for existence, for living in this world is discovery.”
James Dean

It is in keeping with these ideas and thoughts expressed by two of the world’s most beloved greats of the seventh art–acting, and icons of the automotive world, that our adventure has begun.

Our adventure which I call «Maharajah of the Road» is drawing together citizens of the world who are bound by a similar passion, a passion not limited by age or gender or place of birth, but rather a passion fed by the desire to live the adventure that was the original «Maharajah of the Road».1

The first glimpse of that passion was seen in the classic ‘60s and ‘70s Ford Mustangs and drew on my personal collection for a journey across the Indian continent. Renowned designer Tom Tjaarda was commissioned to design two special cars , a 1967 Mustang EQUUS Kit and a 1967 Shelby GT500 EQUUS Kit, to celebrate the timeless appeal of the Muscle Car Era and to take part in the journey.

The next great automotive adventure will feature other great American muscle cars. As the adventure continues to gather all the citizens of the world together to share that common passion inspired by Hollywood movies and television and the freedom to dream that it brings, the «Maharajah of the Road»* adventure will continue to involve great American muscle cars that have so inspired this passion.

This book is dedicated to India and to the passion for the great American muscle cars of the ‘60s and ‘70s; a passion that is shared by millions of people throughout the world. This passion knows no international barriers and recognizes only that indomitable spirit that lies within all human beings, that spirit of adventure and that desire to dream of great adventures to come.

I drew my inspiration for this mythical saga from the nostalgia of the ‘60s and ‘70s and from those powerful images personified by actors such as Steve Mc Queen and his love affair with the automobile. These images aroused my dreams and spurred my passion for the automobile. Through the adventure of The «Maharajah of the Road» we manage to arouse this spirit again by mixing art and cinema and by drawing on the help of legendary vehicles that first appeared in films such as «Bullitt» and «Gone In 60 Seconds» and that now live on in TV with shows like «Starsky and Hutch», «The Dukes of Hazzard» and other action adventures. These images continue to keep new generations falling in love with the stars of these shows – the magical muscle cars!

During the early 30’s, automobile designs included "teardrop streamlining" at the rear which was similar to what would become the "fastback" signature 25 years later. The term fastback was first recognized as a definition by Merriam Webster in 19543. Even if the Pontiac GTO 1964 launched the great history of Muscle Cars, the first American fastbacks models of the modern era were the Plymouth Barracuda of 1964 the AMC Marlin of 1965 the 1966 Dodge Charger and the 1967 Ford Mustang. This fastback muscle car (FMC)4 shape is the most popular of all the American muscle cars today.

This adventure takes place on thousand year old paths traveled throughout history by millions of human beings, powerful monarchs and conquerors. Many believe these paths are still inhabited by divinities. We, as modern day, ordinary adventurers have become for a short moment in time lords of these paths now turned to roads, and we rightfully quiver at the thought of driving were the footsteps of the Mahatma2 walked over his great land. We as modern day adventurers suggest through this expedition a different way to live…a different way to drive.

All the cylinders in these furious machines may impress a reader, but our adventurers came to India and to the first «Maharajah of the Road» to get something else from that ancient place. From many walks of life and many traditions people came from all over the globe. They wanted to prove that a gathering of cultures was always possible when those who gather have a common goal, the love of an ideal car and the magic of discovery–a transcendental experience which allows you to fulfill your dreams by piloting a real Dream on Wheels (DOW)5.

This website shares with you the emotions and passions that history and the journey evoked in these citizens of the world, and expresses those passions in a motorized adventure across countries. The entire journey of discovery is recorded with sound and images. I invite you to come and experience this adventure and tour our website: ""

  • Maharajah - most commonly meaning GREAT KING
  • Mahatma - Great Soul used in reference to Gandhi whose given name was Mohandas, known worldwide as Mahatma.
  • Merriam Webster - English language dictionary.
  • FMC : Fastback Muscle Car *Merriam Webster - English language dictionary.
  • FMC : Fastback Muscle Car

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