maharajah of the road

The Opening

Maharajah of the road

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The Opening

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Friday 16th January 2009

A snake charmer seated on a huge armchair is playing his flute… Suddenly, the gong ring. Two doors opens, music starts and dancers' appears in a veil of smoke…

We are in Mumbai, India, and more precisely at Film City, the heart of Bollywood. Here, several hundreds films are shot every year. The Film industry is one of the most flourishing industries in the country. This set was built for a film on the Mahâbhârata epic traditional Indian story. It is a huge temple, midway between an Indian temple and Inca temple.

First edition of the "Maharajah of the Road" is about to begin, with its legendary Ford Mustang's, Shelby's and EQUUS.

We invite you to travel with us day by day through Rajasthan and discover its most exotic locations, its old traditions and unique palaces. Let's go for the Maharajah of the Road...

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