maharajah of the road

The documentary

Maharajah of the road

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The documentary

The documentary

M.R. France Paris GranTurino Documentary Trailer

Coming back from India and Bollywood,, the priceless classic vintage Mustangs and Shelbys are back again for another ride.

From the right hand driving dusted and durty roads, they will now enjoy in this new adventure, the smooth paved roads and green country side landscapes of Europe.

Departing from Paris, the drivers wonders through rural France vineyards and gastronomy. The guests will experience again an unique taste of the french cultural history in Burgundy and Savoye, where they are expected to reach the Alps and cross this natural frontiere to Italy.

Their arrival in Turin, heart of design and automotive industry, is eagerly awaited by the famous Pininfarina and Giugiaro Design, where they will enjoy the privilege to participate in a memorable tour through a wide variety of high-end automobile manufacturers projects including Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls-Royce and more.

Discover soon this new epic adventure in an exclusive documentary on "".

  • M.R. Documentary DVD Trailer  M.R. Documentary DVD Trailer

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