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Road trip

Maharajah of the road

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The Road trip

Maharajah of the Road 2nd Edition

A seductive Paris-GranTurino circuit

The second "Maharajah of the Road" edition in April 2009 was an impressive Paris-GranTurino circuit which highlighted the riches and uniqueness of French and Italian regions.
Dedicated specially to the 60' and 70' vintage Mustangs & Shelby's like "M.R." India, the "M.R." France invited its role players to discover the treasures of French cultural and gastronomic heritage.

Our guests had enjoyed the feeling of driving these vintage cars through a privileged tour during which they visited historic castles and the most prestigious vineyards. They also had the chance to taste the French food at the well-known Bernard Loiseau gourmet restaurant.

The finish could have been nowhere but Turin, the world’s automotive design capital and the birthplace of numerous mythic cars. "Maharajah of the Road" succeed in uniting automobile and art.

Photos by Patrick Aventurier

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